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WorkLodge FAQ

What kind of companies will I see at WorkLodge?

Our Member companies range from the solopreneur all the way through Fortune 500 companies and international conglomerates. Whether someone is outgrowing their home office or a corporate facility manager needs to place a remote team, we can find a solution for them. We house creatives and tech based businesses, as well as professional law and accounting firms- we like to keep our mix diverse. We won’t allow more than 10% of our space to be sold to any one type of business in order to protect that mix.

This means two things:

We’ve proven our model works for almost all business types (we intentionally don’t work with retail type businesses or companies that receive a high volume of daily visitors, such as medical offices).

Our Members enjoy the mix of being around many different types of businesses and the convenience and opportunities that come with that. If we only had law offices, for example, in a location that would make for pretty dull water cooler talk right?

What makes WorkLodge a better investment than commercial real estate?

Traditionally, when someone finds themselves in need of a place to work, they find a location, spend weeks or months negotiating the lease, incur legal fees for contract reviews (which takes even more time) before finally signing an agreement. Once signed, there’s then construction or modification work needed to make the space their own which comes with its own costs, and the restrictive liability of knowing that if their business grows or shrinks, there’s nothing they can do about the lease they’ve signed. Worse, if the area they’re officing in changes in a negative way over time, their business is still stuck there, unable to move until the lease expires.

WorkLodge model turns everything upside down: A customer can walk up, plug in, and work within 15 minutes. Our agreements are written in plain English (as plain as legalese can be!) that you don’t need a JD to understand. We encourage Members to flex in their space because we want them to succeed. It doesn’t help anyone if we cramp our Members when they need to grow or hold them to a larger space if business has changed and that payment no longer makes sense for them. We serve and help our Members because we genuinely want the best for them. We do this because our first focus isn’t on profit above all else. WorkLodge is focused on doing the right thing first, treating people how we’d expect to be treated, being authentic, humble, generous, and passionately understanding that the profits follow because we do business this way, not in spite of it.

By sharing our communal resources, we also ensure our Members are only paying for what they need, nothing more. In a traditional setting, although the cost per foot might be lower, clients are expected to pay for the hallways, the restrooms, the lobby and everything else in the building. We simply wrap everything into one, flat, monthly fee and that’s it.

Simple, predictable budgeting with absolutely no surprises.

What kind of help can I expect when I open a Work Lodge location?

Joining the WorkLodge Franchising Program means you also become part of an exciting business community just like our Member companies. Our Franchise Partner community will provide support, wisdom and insights to each other based around one of our Core Values: Being Generous. When we’re generous with our experiences we help each other be more successful. When we’re individually successful we’re collectively successful, which is why we encourage connection and collaboration on a daily and weekly basis. Through technology we make this easy and seamless. Trust us, you’re going to love it.

Location Assistance:

We help you find your location, we help with lease negotiation, space planning, interior design, guidance finding and building a location, and can even oversee and / or help with construction (from 2019). Our founder, Mike managed the construction of our very first location (over 23,000 sq.ft.) after our General Contractor left partway through. We’ve learned a lot since then and can help make sure the process is not only streamlined, but cost effective. Our typical build out costs are significantly lower than industry standards because of the things we’ve learned in how to value build our premium spaces.


Don’t worry or waste your time worrying about digital marketing, websites, SEO, search engine marketing, or anything else. Don’t worry about overpaying for substandard services by providers who don’t understand this business and the opportunities it brings. We’ll have you listed on our corporate site from the moment you sign your Franchising Agreement so we can start the process of lead generation and pre-selling as early as possible. If that’s not enough, we also provide access to our corporate sales team for proactive lead generation (inbound leads are always passed through to the local franchisee) if desired. Our Marketing partners are poised and ready to help you launch well, grow well, and stay well. Through our pre-agreed scopes of work and pricing options, every franchisee will be able to benefit from the experience and knowledge our marketing partners have gained from working with WorkLodge so that they enjoy the biggest return on their investment possible. We also support you through our own corporate level marketing initiatives in all live markets.


When we started WorkLodge we evaluated many different software solutions to help us manage and run the space and our team. None of them functioned the way we wanted so we built our own. We call it LodgeOS and it’s awesome. True to our core values of owning and controlling as much of the experience as possible, we didn’t freelance this out but instead hired a full time software developer to help us build it right. Our continual and ongoing improvements won’t stop. Ever. So you’ll enjoy a purpose built, ever evolving and ever improving platform upon which to run your locations and your business. Reporting included.


We don’t just make your life easy. We make your staffs’ lives easy through our initial and ongoing training programs. We have staff training manuals, videos, and well-outlined procedures that help guide the hiring process, manage training, and ensure that all of your staff is confident and equipped to handle the daily (and the not so daily) concerns of a WorkLodge location.

What does WorkLodge look for in a franchisee?

We look for three things when evaluating potential franchisees:

A previous track record of owning your own business, running someone else’s business well, or demonstrable, objective proof of a hunger to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

A passion and desire to serve and help other businesses and entrepreneurs build their dreams through the WorkLodge platform. Although many franchisees won’t work in their business on a daily basis, we do look for owners that want to remain a part of their business with a passion and fire that will drive their growth. This is an explosive sector and we’re building something amazing, so we need our franchisees to join the team and enjoy the ride as they partner with us to build something incredible. This means if you’re looking to be 100% absentee and simply collect a check each month, we’re probably not the franchise program for you.

The financial ability to start a Work Lodge franchise. Startup costs vary based on the type of location selected, size etc., however, we estimate the numbers needed to be as follows: $485,000 to $1,500,000 + Landlord driven expenses. You’ll need approx. $250,000 (per unit) in liquid capital and a net worth of $500,000 (per franchise unit) to get started.

Looking for more details?

The best way to learn more is to come and visit us for a ‘Discovery Day’!