Opportunity - WorkLodge Franchise



By 2020 there will be three and a half million U.S. businesses with four employees or less according to the Small Business Administration, and 65 million Americans will be freelancers, contract workers, or entrepreneurs. That means 40% of the entire United States workforce will need somewhere to work that traditional office spaces can’t provide.

3.5M U.S. businesses have 4 employees (or less)


It’s not just small business that can benefit from an alternative workspace. Larger corporate clients are recognizing the cost savings and improved quality of life for employees working from remote ‘hubs’ as a way to reduce commute time while still ‘working together’. We are already seeing a shift toward ready made, full service workspace providers as a fast, flexible solution to their officing needs at a much more reasonable cost.

Not Just for Small Businesses


WorkLodge’s business model — which provides a combination of private office suites, coworking and flexible shared workspaces, communal meeting and conference rooms, as well as professional support services — is designed to be a holistic, all inclusive approach to removing as much friction as possible so our Members have the freedom of focusing on their core business while we take care of the rest.

Freedom for Members to Focus on Core Business


We build in suburban and downtown locations so that no matter where someone is, they’ll always have access to our incredible workspaces. This model benefits our franchisees by improving the value of our larger network to your individual location and its Members.

Location, Location, Location